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1. Emanuele verga: Keloids: Infiltrative therapies

2. Eleni laletsoglou: Soft surgery with plasma exeresis of excessive skin and skin lesions

3. Giovanni manzo: a) The stretch mark: Inestheticity of the xxl century b)Ttransdifferentiation organ adipose c) La smagliatura del xxl secolo

4. Michalis vasilakis: Prp and Carbotherapy: Combination in chronic pain from osteoarthritis and tendinopathies

5. Alina koupidou: Carboxytherapy: An indispensable tool for face rejuvenation body reshaping and pain management, personal experience

6. Sotiris davlouros: Cosmetic dermo\flebology. Treatments of the “red patology”. Face, neck, decolletè

7. Mario pepe: Aging skin: Therapy by radio frequency

8. Ioannis ntountas: Non- surgical treatment of xanthelasmas, bening nodules and cycts of the periocular area

9. Catherine marsili: Adipose tissue: a highlander(pdf)

10. Rosa cannarile: Palpebral ptosis by botox: A therapeutic protocol for the rehabilitation of neuromuscular junction of levator palpebrae superioris

11. Anna gori: Botox: therapy of primary hyperhidrosis-clinical cases

12. Eleftheria gliarmi: The use of hyaluronic acid fillers for the treatment of nasolabial folds

13. Irini georgiadou: The role of plasma exeresis and soft surgery in patient quality of life in frequent ophthalmology conditions and challenging cases before and after images

14. Irini georgiadou: Treatment protocols and clinical outcomes using plasma exeresis

15. Souphiyeh samizadeh: A deep understanding of anatomy and injection techniques are essential for the safe rejuvenation and enhancement of the lips, perioral area and the jawline

16. Katia chaita: Non surgical blepharoplasty and non- ablative surgery, for special treatment, after surgical blepharoplasty

17.Sotiris tsioumas: Comparison of the efficasy of injectable hyaluronic acid versus needle shaping (vibrance) and o.F.F (onde flusso frazionato) for the aesthetic treatment of the face

18. Maria papadakou: Anti-aging treatments in the periocular area: 30 cases

19. DHI Global Medical Group: Direct Hair Implantation - Unshaven session – 5.500 hairs

20. DHI Global Medical Group: Direct Hair Implantation - Beard restoration

21. DHI Global Medical Group: Direct Hair Implantation - Pubic Restoration





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